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Watching this stack, you will gain insight each week into areas of PRC policy not always on the mainstream media’s radar. In our monthly review, we catch every major policy move on our patch, and maybe ones you didn’t know were shifting… For the bigger picture of what’s happening jump over to our website here.


Started in Beijing in 2011, Philippa’s CHINA POLICY team brings together a committed group of Chinese and international analysts who track, map, and evaluate agendas, agencies and people shaping the PRC and its global impact. This impact now reaches every corner of the globe and extends to all sectors from trade and geopolitics to climate and health policy… and beyond. Working with Chinese language sources, we draw on our up-to-the-minute database of laws and regs (35,000); and informed debate (25,000). Our analysis has been joining the dots for clients as they navigate Beijing’s recalibration from turbo-stability—stability only at high revs—through de-capacity and new normal to shaky re-stabilisation.

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philippa jones

PRC chops from the end of the Cultural Revolution to the beginning of the New Era. After 20 years straight in Beijing currently living in sight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge running a global COVID-scattered CP team.